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Your Online Pallet Supplier Directory!

Upgrade your listing on! and are owned and operated by Bluewater Pallet Solutions.
Upgraded listings on are also upgraded on

There are three Upgrade Plans for pallet suppliers:

Level 1 – Directory Advertising
Level 2 - Featured Plus Upgrade
Level 3 - Full Upgrade

Please call us at (336) 697-9109 or email us at to sign up for one of these plans.

If you are an advertiser interested in advertising
on either of the directories, please call or email us as well.

(Level 1) – Directory Advertising - $199 for the year.

Direct Advertising is simply an advertisement placement in the Featured Section on the two pallet supplier directories, and It includes your logo, a link to your email and website, and a description of the products and services that you offer. Best of all, you will appear in the Featured Section for all zip code searches that are done within a 100 mile radius of your location. It is the most economical way to increase your web presence.

(Level 2) – Featured Plus Upgrade - $349 for the year.

Featured Plus Membership focuses on flexibility. For $349, this plan includes the Featured Listing on the two directories, and This plan also allows access to five (5) options throughout the year. The options are your choice, either 5 RFQs, 5 Wholesale Alert postings or a combination of the two.

(Level 3) – Full Upgrade - $60 - $100/month (depending on service radius)

Full Membership focuses on all the benefits of as well as the directory upgrades. This plan includes ALL the RFQs in your service radius, 4 (four) Wholesale Alert postings per month and immediate notification when one of your customers posts an RFQ on our system. As with the Featured Plus Upgrade, this plan includes the Featured Listing for your company on our both directories, and It is definitely the most economical way to increase your web presence as well as create opportunities for your business.

A little more about the Featured Listings: Both the Featured Plus and the Full Upgrade Plan offer the Featured listing on our two directories – and Featured listings appear within the top of search results for a 100 mile radius from your zip code. They are also enhanced to include more information about your company. Visit or and enter a zip code to see the difference in a Featured listing and a free listing.

Payment Terms

  1. We accept payment by the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Payments are made to Bluewater Pallet Solutions Inc., the owner of and
  2. Payment for Level 3 Full Upgrade is month to month (credit card only after the initial six month minimum), semi-annually or annually with a 5% discount. Payment for Level 1 Upgrade and Level 2 Upgrade is annually. All advertising/upgrade plans are set-up for automatic renewal.
  3. A six month minimum is required for Level 3 Full Upgrade followed by month to month terms with a 30 day cancellation policy. You will be set-up on an automatic renewal plan.
  4. If you elect to pay monthly after your six month minimum for Level 3 Upgrade, your credit card will be billed on the first of each month following the completion of your initial six months.
  5. A 5% discount is given to annual payments made in full. Should you choose to cancel during the year in which you made an annual payment, you will be accessed a $50 processing fee and the refund will be based on the remaining monthly fees. Again, a six month minimum is required.